I'm really liking this new look

Posted on Wednesday, October 21, 2009 by DeeLovely79

So I said I'd do a new entry on Friday, well it's your lucky day I'm posting early.  So I've been going to work for 3 days now with my new look and I've gotten a lot of positive responses.  And quite a few people who have chosen not to acknowledge my new look (which in my mind means they don't like it).  Many people have said that they like it and that is works well with my face, but the true is that I have pretty strong personality and I don't think that anyone at work has the confidence to tell me I look ugly to my face.  Well, actually one of my direct reports  slipped and gave me back handed compliment, she was like "You look so pretty" so I say "What I was ugly before!!". She's all like "No, No I'm not saying that!!!".

The really good news is that I like my new look.  I did this for me, for my health so it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or says.  See this is what happens you turn 30, you stop letting other people's perceptions, ideas whatever influence you and your choices.  I'm not saying that I ever did let other people rule my life, but after I cross the 30 mark I just gave so much less weight to the opinions off others.  I don't know why, maybe I realized that life is short and shouldn't waste time on anything or anyone this isn't supportive of me. 

So anyway, back to the title of my post.  I really like my new look,  I'm not a classic beauty or anything but looking at myself with my TWA I really feel like model beautiful.  There's something kinda edgy about it. I've been wearing some foundation and powder and just focusing on my eyes by shaping my eyebrows and applying eyeliner.  See below:


Here are some pictures of my old hair.  The past year I've been wearing it short, I got swept up by the resurgence of the asymmetrical cuts (Salt and Pepa's here!!) last year.

and the after two months got sick of it and I was trying to grow it out before I started thinking about going natural.  Prior to that I usually rocked shoulder length hair:

And now I'm rocking a short afro, I haven't had a cut this short in almost a decade (I had to take swimming classes in college so I figured instead of letting the chorine break my hair off I'll just cut it crazy short until the class is over) and I'm loving the fact that it's so simple!! All I have to do is wash it every few days for the next few months!!!   Well, actually I do co-washes, I'm working on following modified Curly Girl routine which I will discuss in future posts. I want to keep my routine going for a few more days before I write about the products I'm using and their effects.

So if you have any comments or stories about reactions to your big chop. Please post them.


Anonymous says:

Congrats on your big chop! There is something classy about a twa. You wear it well. Enjoy your journey.