Revelations and Routines

Posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 by DeeLovely79


My next post was originally going to be about nutrition and fitness but I've had a few hair epiphanies that I just have to share.  Inspired by Curly Niki's post about how black folk did their hair back in the day, I asked my mom about her hair (which I haven't seen in decades due to her wigs but I vow that before I die I will know the truth).  She says her natural hair is wazy but she used to relax it herself when I was young.  The funny part is I don't ever remember seeing her relax her hair but I do remember relaxer in the house (because I decided to relax one of my white dolls hair with it, Black Barbie for some reason didn't need a perm).  I asked my mom about how she did my hair and she told me that she put Vigorol, in my hair.  I didn't remember this until I looked the stuff up and suddenly the horrible smell brought back memories of this disgusting clear liquid.  Apparently this stuff is some kinda of texturizer that my mom says she used to make my hair easier to comb so that it was easier for her to press (which she barely ever did).

I don't think this stuff really straightened my hair but I do feel like I've lost the ability to say that my hair was natural until I was fourteen. This could be another reason why my texture seems so different that it did when I was younger.  I am starting to feel a sense of pride associated with being natural and it feels good.  But then the point of going natural now is to move on from the old relaxers and texturizers and start taking care of my hair.

I'm also a little obssessed with my hair growth at this point.  I like the TWA don't get me wrong but I can't wait to do some twists and coils.  I one of those ladies who is used to having long hair to play with and I when I was young my hair was so long, I keep looking back at those old pictures just salivating over my hair.

This is good shot of how long my hair was back then, I believe I was about 10:

Sorry for the mean mug, my 3 year old brother was being a 3 year old and messing up the picture.  Dang ponytails.  *Sigh* Moving on.

I've had another revelation concerning my hair.  My routine is out of date!! Yes its only been 3 weeks since I BC'ed but after reading a post about winter hair care for naturals, I need to reformat my hair routine for the winter.  So here is the new plan (I'll post result pictures later on in the week)

Clarify - Weekly - Apple Cider Vinegar rise (1 Tblsp ACV to 1 cup of warm water)
Co-wash- 2x a week - Natures Gate Tea Tree Conditioner followed by Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Conditioner
Deep Condition - Weekly - Lustrasilk Shea Butter Cholesterol Plus (contains Mango Butter) - I'm thinking about adding Olive Oil to this when it starts getting really cold
Leave in Conditioner - Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner
Sealant - Mix of  melted Unrefined Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Sweet Almond Oil
Curl Definer (Depending on mood/style) - Garnier Fructis Style Fiber Gum Putty or Herbal Essences Set Me Up Gel
Daily Spritz -Water, V05 Moisture Milks Strawberries and Creme

So basically I removed as much glycerin out of my styling routine as I could (the  Suave has some glycerin in it) and added a weekly deep conditioner.  I have some Aphogee Essential Oils from my relaxed days, this is pretty much a hot oil treatment but as it has protein in it I will only use this on a monthly basis. My hair is pretty strong and I'm getting a little protein from the V05 and Suave so I'm thinking that should suffice.

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